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Millions of people of all ages throughout the world suffer from chronic foot pain. Many experience complications in the hips, back, neck and shoulders never realizing these were directly related to their flat and misaligned feet.


It's one of the most mis-diagnosed ailments frequently resulting in patients being treated for for an array of unrelated issues like arthritis, back pain, knee braces etc. when in reality the feet were the root cause of the issue.

The formal name of the condition that wreaks havoc on so many peoples feet, back, knees and hips is called hyperpronation (Talotarsal Dislocation). This condition is created by a damaging misalignment of forces both in the foot itself, as well as throughout the entire body.


As a consequence, talotarsal dislocation can be the direct cause of numerous foot ailments, including “flat feet” (fallen arches), plantar fasciitis,  heel pain, bunions, heel spurs and more – as well as the direct cause of symptoms in the rest of the body such as knee pain, hip pain, back pain and even complications in the neck and shoulders.


Talotarsal displacement will not resolve on its own, patients don’t grow out of it and it’s not possible to reverse it through exercise or physical therapy. The many treatments commonly used to address the symptoms of this condition merely deal with the side effects and they do not resolve the root of the problem.

HyProCure® is a titantium stent inserted into a small incision into a naturally occurring space located between the ankle and heel bones. Hyprocure maintains the alignment of these 2 bones, the normal amount of motion still occurs. Instantly the structural foundation is restored which helps to realign the entire body eliminating previous strain and fatigue in the neck, back, hips, knees, ankle and feet.


HyProCure® is groundbreaking since it allows immediate and permanent results without aggressive invasive surgery. HyProCure® is an immediate, permanent, minimally invasive solution that corrects talotarsal dislocation at its root, realigning both the foot and the entire body. Discover how this unique medical breakthrough can stop and even reverse your symptoms, and how it can help you take back your quality of life.

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When your surgery is performed by Dr. Weinert, you'll have the luxury of avoiding all the awful, uncomfortable things associated with having surgery in a hospital.  This private surgical suite is accessible to only Dr. Weinert's patients, ensuring that you'll never have to wait in pain for months to have a procedure performed.


Dr. Weinert's Troy Surgicare is one of the only foot and ankle specialist practices in the Metro Detroit area to have attained the Gold Seal of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). By achieving this esteemed designation, the practice is recognized as having full accreditation by the Joint Commission, an honor usually reserved only for Hospitals. This means Dr. Weinert can offer a higher standard of care and provide services to his patients that other foot and ankle doctors cannot.


As one of Michigan’s premier podiatric surgeons, Dr. Anthony Weinert is a double board certified foot specialist located in Troy and Warren Michigan and is dedicated to relieving any foot or ankle problem. In the case of a patient with a foot imbalance, Dr. Anthony Weinert has changed patients lives by using a lifetime solution called HyProCure®.  As a Master HyProCure® surgeon, Dr. Weinert offers the HyProCure® stent procedure for those patients who suffer from partial talotarsal dislocation. Because of Dr.Weinert's extensive expertise and long track record of successful misalignment procedures, HyProCure® certified Dr. Weinert as a Master Surgeon and awarded him the highest "Center of Excellence" distinction.

Dr. Weinert prides himself on his holistic approach to foot care. Where many doctors only treat feet locally, he has the unique gift of being able to link foot problems to other, more comprehensive, underlying conditions in the body. He believes in the philosophy that the foot is the foundation to the entire musculoskeletal system.

Weinert is also a published author of a book on foot & ankle wellness, titled "Stop Feet Pain Fast" and a radio show "Happy Feet Radio" which is the only podcast on iTunes dedicated to foot health and wellness.

He also served for 8 years as the Chief of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery at Henry Ford Bi-county Hospital located in Warren, Michigan.  Dr Weinert also plays an active role in lecturing and training to residents in the Metro Detroit area.  Dr Weinert has served as team consultant for many high school, college, and professional sports teams in Michigan.

"When I came to Dr. Weinert my feet were hurting so bad I could hardly walk. Within 1 week after surgery the results have been truly remarkable"


Happy Patient

"I was hesitant to come see Dr.Weinert because all the other doctors kept dismissing me and blaming arthritis for my pain"


Another Happy Patient

 "I use to get up in the morning and not even be able to walk on my feet. My knees and back were constantly in pain as well. Within a week of my surgery I am now feeling no pain in my heel, back or knees."


Happy Patient

Our Troy Surgicare is a first class surgical operating room within the confines of the Troy office. It allows us to perform any foot and ankle surgeries right here in office utilizing either mild sedation or local anesthesia only.


We are proud to be one of the only podiatric offices in the Metro Detroit Tri-county Michigan area that has an accredited surgical operating room in its office setting. There are only a few practices accredited in the entire State of Michigan. Being accredited assures our patients that we have the highest level of patient care and safety available along with defined policies and procedures that equate to that of a hospital. No other podiatric office or foot and ankle specialist can offer this complete level of patient care unless they are accredited, and the gold standard is JCAHO Accreditation.

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